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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scam alert – the end

This will be the last update of the scam alert.  My two previous blog posts attracted the attention of some of the members of XXX network and a few of them gave me some feedback.  All of them stated that XXX network is not a scam but a legitimate business.

Helen (not her real name) turned out to be a very nice lady and gave me her view on the business.

First up though, let’s see what “Maria” had to say in reply to my “Scam alert – follow up” ...

I could give a crap about my spelling, at least my posts inspire, not bash people they have never met. I graduated this spring semester. I chose online marketing because I love it. Read the Four-Hour Work Week by Tim-Ferris and maybe you would understand the concept of being open minded towards these types of MLM networking situations. I was not trying to sell her anything in my latest response. I was trying to prove to her that I am a normal person just like everyone else. Who chose to do something different from the norm with her Marketing Degree, its not right to bash people about it on their blogs and use it word for word. It is not a scam. Say what you want about it, but it is only because you do not understand how it works. Obviously Connie has nothing better to do then act like a cowardly bitch behind a computer screen by forwarding me all of those over and over again.
Thank you.

Next up “Helen’s” response to me ...

Hello Conny, I recently returned from vacation which also included a 3 day event in San Diego with XXX Network. I had noticed your post on Google+ and again today with your follow up. Please know that XXX Network is in no way shape or form a scam. In fact, it is a real company with real people and success. It is unfortunate though, that "Maria" is sending out emails with verbiage that isn't what the Founders, leaders or most members would convey. XXX Network's unique concept allows you to promote your business, programs, products or services through a blog which you pay $25 per month to have. This includes your hosting fee, domain fee and customer service. From there, IF you want to promote affiliate products, XXX has outstanding, cutting edge marketing products. There is no 'level' that you have to buy and there is no requirement to buy anything. However, people are creating a secondary income, extra income and in some cases enough income where they have quit their JOB by promoting the EN affiliate products. My husband came with me to the event as he wanted to learn more about the Founders, the company and to meet members that make up this powerful network. He read what "Maria" sent to you and he shook his head and commented how that doesn't represent what truly XXX is about and how it is helping so many people. But of course, this isn't for anyone. There is a lot of hard work at the beginning to set up your business, create connections and build contacts. You have to have a business mindset with a consistent work ethic. I am sorry about your bad experience you had with "Maria" but I do hope you will get better information from those that have been with XXX for a longer time, like myself, and know how the system works. As you can see, I have built an online business for several years now. I have thousands within my community and I love to share information, tips and strategies to help other small business owners and online marketers. If you want more information, I would be happy to talk with you. Especially if I can show you how XXX really works so I can prove it is no way a scam. Thank you for your time and consideration. Helen.

Notice the difference in style?  This is not some young snooty girl, this is a mature woman and it shows.

I replied to Helen that I am currently not in a financial position to join such a network.  I also admitted that I don’t have many friends.  My friends are mainly on Facebook and the majority are writers who count the pennies.

Helen replied ...

I agree with you Conny .... network marketing programs of any kind are not for those in a financial bind where they really do have to make an immediate living or a pay check.  I always say.... get your 'cash machine' going first, then look into opportunities that may create a secondary income.

Fortunately my 'cash machine' is my husband!  And while I had a high paying job a couple years ago, the real estate market that I was in took a serious dive causing me to go from six figures to zero.  Thankfully, XXX is proving to be an avenue for helping to increase our retirement savings.  

Thank you so much for getting back to me and letting me know a little about you and your following.  Should you decide to look into XXX Network or have questions on social media marketing or blogging strategies, I would be happy to help in any way that I can.  

Have a wonderful day Conny.

After yet another reply from me, Helen concluded with ...

Yes I agree Conny!  When "Maria" revealed her age, I cringed.  Because I do know how I was overly energetic at that age and didn't take the proper time to learn before spouting off things that wouldn't benefit anyone.

>>> I would be more than happy to share some blogging strategies with you.  While my days are busy I always have time to help others when it comes to social media or blogging.  

Might I suggest that we get onto Skype? You do not need a webcam :)   It is a Free call and I can 'share my screen' with you to give you some really great examples for blogging.

Let me know.... and thank you for your kind, positive compliment.


If only all people were like Helen ... honest and well mannered.
This concludes the  scam(?) alert update.

Should anyone be interested in the name of the network, which I marked with XXX, I will be more than happy to supply or to put you in touch with "Helen".

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