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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Charity vs. people

Anyone see this article in the Huffington Post? 

While these businessmen probably have the right idea, it’s not a good idea.  For one, it’s a non-binding agreement, so who is to say that they actually give half of their wealth away?

Wouldn’t it be far better to encourage businessmen to expand their businesses and as such create jobs for those who need them?  That would give people money, not charities.
I don’t like charities.  Never have.  What do they do with the money they receive?  Do they put it to good use, or does it stick to a number of people’s fingers?

And why is some of the text written in pink?  Does that mean that part of that money will go to the Breast Cancer Society?  Gosh I hope not.  Just exactly how much money has been donated to the Breast Cancer Society?  Millions and millions, and women are still dying every day.  I say STOP DONATING, and a cure will be revealed.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one who thinks this way.  I’ve spoken to a number of people who wholeheartedly agree with me.  There is a cure, but it’s more profitable for the Cancer Society to keep people in the dark.  When a cure is revealed, donations will dry up.  Can’t let that happen.

As one person said … “Years of research and millions of dollars and they can’t even come up with a drug that doesn’t cause hair to fall out.”

And why always the Breast Cancer Society?  Why about other types of cancers?  Not good enough for publicity?

This charity giving should stop.  Why not give the money to ordinary people who need it?  People who, for one reason or another, don’t qualify for welfare and work “day and night” for pittance to support themselves.  They exist, I assure you, I know quite a few of them personally. 

Give money to those in need of medical help, but who have to do without because they don’t have benefits. 

When you start looking, you’ll see 101 opportunities that are all better than these damn charities.  I worked for both the Cancer Society and a Help the Children of Africa foundation and I know first-hand of mismanagement of funds. 

Let me put it this way, I wouldn’t give one penny to charity.  I am willing to give to an individual, but an organization … NEVER!

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