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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Follow up on scam alert

Yesterday I posted a suspected scam alert posted via Craigslist.  I shared my blog post with Maria (the poster of the ad on Craigslist) and she replied to me by email.

Its unfortunate that you feel that way, as I just see myself as your everyday Marketing Graduate. I'm not some "spammer" there is no need to bash me or what I do, if you simply do not understand the network. I am twenty two years old. I am an open minded individual with a four year Marketing Degree.

A marketing degree and she’s wasting her time on a scam. 

A plan of the "new rich" is to be open minded. I am sorry that you are so close minded as to write a blog bashing the existence of the XXX Network which is Millions of people all doing the same thing.

Millions of people?

^ Most XXX network affiliates end up quitting their full-time jobs b/c simply making  money is this easy so why would WE bother with a full time job???

Why is anyone still going to work? 

I am also a female who blogs everyday herself. Not about business but simply my life, my beautiful friends, my interests fashion. Etc. This isn't a website for fools, its a website a network for people are are not wussys. Are motto is "no wussies allowed" my team travels to costa rica, california, around the globe with their incomes. I wouldn't get any money from you after you initial start up fee, you would keep 100% of what you made after that. You already ruined that chance though, by bashing the entire system. 

Oh dear, I’ve ruined my chance.  Can someone please give me a hanky.   Oh well, I’ve ruined other chances, the $250 million that a business man in Kenya was going to send me, the $248 million that a Saudi prince wanted to give away, and the $43 million from some unfortunate soul in Nairobi.  

With this chance ruined, how will I go on living …

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