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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bowling night update

It’s Thursday morning, which means last night we went bowling and now it’s time for an update.  First off, we picked a name for our team … The Expendables.

I was looking forward to our weekly night of light bowling, until we got to the bowling alley and I saw who our opponents were … Dave and Ryan.  Both have a handicap of 5 points, which means their average is 215.  That’s enough to make anyone want to turn on their heels and make a speedy exit.

How were we going to beat them?  With hopes and dreams?  To make matters worse, their third partner had a handicap of 102!  How were we to deal with that?  Forget hopes and dreams, this was a nightmare!

Still, when I joined this league, I knew I was going to face stiff competition, so I put my shoes and wrist guard on, polished my ball, and prepared for a night of defeat.

I didn’t have to wait long.  Dave and Ryan soared to a 200+ games respectively, while I tagged along with a 139 and a 134.  

I knew what the problem was, I felt overwhelmed playing with Dave and Ryan, and threatened by their third partner (can’t remember her name).  And as every bowler knows … games are not won and lost on the lane, they are won and lost in the bowler’s mind.  If he doesn’t think he has a chance, he won’t stand a chance.

After a smoke break between the second and third game I came back down and took the lane with a ‘kiss my butt attitude’.  If I was going to lose, I wasn’t going to go down without a fight.  So the claws came out.

Splits and misses turned to strikes and spares.  I don’t know who was more surprised, our opponents or me but I shot a 205 followed by a 185.  The result … we won the last two games. 

All in all we took 8,5 point our of 16.  So there!

In summary:

Dieter:     212 – 167 – 179 – 247
Me:          139 – 134 – 202 – 185

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