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Day 93: A fishy story

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Day 93: A fishy story

A few days ago, I posted that one of our goldfish was near death. For 72 hours he lay on the bottom of the tank, ready to go to the big ocean in the sky. Then suddenly, he started eating, moving and attempted swimming. Today that fish is as good as new.

I never actually considered myself a fish person. Whenever I visited someone who had an aquarium, I thought it pretty and calming, but never thought of getting an aquarium myself. And then one day, things changed.

It started so innocently. We were in a pet store shopping for cat food, I happen to wander into the fish section and came across a giant tank full of tiny goldfish.

While the other fish tanks had between two to fifty fish in them and were beautifully decorated with gravel and plants, this tank held hundreds of fishes and had no decorations at all. 

When I asked the salesman about this, he said “These are feeding fish.”
Feeding fish? He explained that these fish were primarily used to feed the other fish. I wash shocked. Their only purpose was to die! Well, I couldn’t save them all, but I could save one. So I left the pet store with ten cans of cat food, one plastic fish tank, and one goldfish.

Back home the fish went into the tank and we named him Blub. People told me that Blub wouldn’t live long. Goldfish, by nature, don’t have a long life and since Blub was a feeding fish and very small he most probably wouldn’t last more than a few days.

Well, they were wrong. Not only did Blub live longer than a few days, over the next few months he outgrew his tank. So, we got a bigger tank, and when that one became too small, we got an even bigger one. We also got Blub a friend, a beautiful white and orange goldfish and named her Cinderella.

Blub and Cinderella lived happily for four years and then one day, Cinderella died. Two days later Blub died too. So now we had two big glass tanks, but no fish.

In the years that followed a variety of fish housed in those tanks. Goldfish, tropical fish, we even had a couple of mini lobsters. 

None of them lived very long. When we were tired of spending money on tropical fish, I went back to basics and got twelve feeding fish, six for each tank.

That was four years ago, and all the fish are doing fine, including the one who was near death for three days. My guess is, he wasn’t sick at all, those who attacked him injured him and he just needed time to heal.

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