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Friday, March 25, 2016

Why does Easter keep changing

Good Friday is a day I have a problem with. Christians the world over are supposed to remember this day as they day when Jesus Christ died, but when exactly did he die?
This year we remember the tragic event on March 25th, but let’s have a look at other years.

2015 – April 3rd  
2014 – April 18th
2013 – March 29th
2012 – April 6th

How are supposed to properly pay our respects when the date keeps changing?
Yes I know, the date of Easter is based on the lunar calendar. When I looked it up on Google, I got the following explanation:

Unlike a lot of Christian feast days, Easter does not have a fixed date. The feast is based on the lunar calendar, so Easter is scheduled to fall on the Sunday that follows the full moon on or after March 21, also known as the Spring Equinox

While this might be a perfectly rational explanation, to me it makes no sense. How can one remember the most important death in history, but keep moving it around?

Let’s have a look at some other historical figures:

Cleopatra – August 12, 30 BC
Julius Cecar – March 15, 44 BC
Nero June – 9, 68 AD
Augustus – August 19, 14 AD
Leonardo DaVinci – May 2, 1519
Galileo Galilei – January 8, 1642

If someone was able to record these dates for future generations, why mess with Jesus Christ his death? If it was, for instance, April 5th it should always be April 5th, regarding of which day that date happens to fall on.

We are equally wrong when we observe a moment of silence at 3:00 p.m., the time Jesus supposed to have died. To be correct, on the East coast of the United States and Canada, this moment of silence should be observed at 8:00 a.m. as Jerusalem is 7 hours ahead of America’s east coast.

I find it mind boggling that throughout history people have drawn and written what was important to them, but nobody made an accurate notation of the date of Jesus Christ his death. Or did they and was this date conveniently “lost”.

It is generally known that Constantine, together with 300 religious leaders decided what information was included in the Bible, and what was not.

If this type of information was lost, it poses the question what else was hidden from the world.

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