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Monday, March 14, 2016

Have you ever had one of those days ...

Have you ever had one of those days that you should either stay in bed or wrap yourself in bubble wrap? Today was one of those days and believe me, I feel a little worse for wear.

It started this morning when I came into the living room, and on my way to the kitchen I stubbed my toe on a side table. We’ve had this side table for months now, but I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve either bumped my knee on one of the corners, or kicked the legs with one of my feet. It’s a fairly big table, and you would think that I know by now how to navigate around it, but apparently my calculations need some work.
Next I was putting away some laundry, placed T-shirts in a drawer, closed the drawer, but forget to remove my hand. Ouch, my fingers.
All goes well until Dieter came home from work and I went to the kitchen to make coffee. I opened the overhead cabinet where the coffee is kept, bend down to pick up a spoon and ... well, if you have even the slightest imagination you’ll know what happened next. Right, my head banged against the corner of the cabinet door. OMG that hurt!
Was I done now with bad luck? No, not quite.
For dinner I cooked macaroni. I read somewhere that if you place a wooden spoon between the lid and the pot, it prevents the water from boiling over. I tried this and yep, it works.
Twenty minutes later I went to check on the pasta. I removed the lid and the grabbed the wooden spoon to stir. Good heavens, I dropped the spoon with a scream. It was boiling hot! Why did the writer of the article not mention that a wooden spoon between a lid and a pot not only prevents a mess, but gets hot in the process? I know that metal spoons absorb heat, but who would have thought that wooden spoons get hot too?
And if you were to think that with all that bad luck, now I’d had enough, you would be wrong. While doing the dishes I (almost) slipped on a piece of pasta. I managed to stay vertical, but can you imagine if I’d gone down and sprained or broken a wrist, what I would have said to the attending physician ... sorry doctor, I slipped on the macaroni. 
So here I am, with bruised toe, a sore finger, a slightly burned hand, not to mention a headache. Since I can’t stay in bed all day, perhaps I should invest in a few yards of bubble wrap.

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