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Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to freak out a cat

I love my cats dearly, but every now and then, they give me a hard time. They accidentally knock over an ornament, kick their water bowl over, or vomit on the carpet instead of the floor.

I’m equally sure that my cats love me, but every now and then I give them a hard time. Unintentionally of course. Last night was one of those times.

Mickey was on the foot end of the bed, curled up and fast asleep. Holly was next to me, giving herself a wash, but doing so halfheartedly with droopy eyes as she was clearly tired.

Charlotte had claimed the laundry basket to sleep, while Gabriel hadn’t quite decided where he wanted to spend the night. He wandered in and out of my room, checked out the bathroom, took a quick peek in Dieter’s room, only to return to the living room.

Before turning off the light, I scrolled through the newest posts on Facebook, and came across a post that read “This is what pride looks like”. The accompanying picture was one of a white peacock.
I clicked on the play button and soon after, the peacock let a screech before opening his glorious white tail.

To see the beautiful tail I had to watch the video a second time though, because the first time I was too busy looking at the cats.

Mickey’s head jerked up and he looked around with a facial expression of ... What was that? ... I heard something ... Was it a bird? ... Where is it?

Holly jumped on all fours. Her wash could wait, sleeping could wait, she’d heard a bird and she was going to get it come hell or high water.

Charlotte merely poked her head out of the closet where the laundry basket is stored. She didn’t care about the bird, her expression was more one of annoyance that said “Can you keep it down out there!”

As for Gabriel, he came racing into my room and skidded to a halt. He looked around him, clearly confused, couldn’t see what he was looking for, turned around and walked out again.

The whole thing was so funny, I wanted to see a repeat this morning. I called up the video, clicked the play button and let the peacock do his thing. The bird screeched and ... Mickey merely lifted his head from his sleeping place, Holly carried on washing herself, Charlotte didn’t pause eating her nibbles, and Gabriel remained flat on his back.

Okay, so maybe the sound of the video was too low, maybe I should turn it up. I moved the setting from 25% to 75% and let the bird screech again. Still no reaction from Holly, Charlotte or Gabriel, while Mickey looked at me through half open eyes, sending me the message ... enough already.
Maybe you can try it and see what your cats do. 
Me, I had another trick up my sleeve ... an Australian magpie. I selected the video, made sure the sound was on, clicked play and ... nothing, no reaction at all. I moved the volume dial from 75% to 100% but no, still nothing.
Bunch of party poopers.


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