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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kitten Diaries

"Kitten Diaries" holds two stories: 
"Chanel's Story" 
"Queeny's Diary".

The following is an extract from "Chanel's Story" ...

For a while I lived in a shelter.  It was a place filled with dogs and cats and I was there all by myself, even though I was just a baby kitten. 

Then one day my friends and I were put in cages, loaded into a car, and transported to a pet store.

On the way, I saw a sign that read “National Pet Adoption Week”.  

It’s not unusual for pets to be taken to pet stores, but that is just for a day or for a weekend.  This week, however, cats, dogs and other small pets will be taken to pet stores all week and can be adopted at a reduced fee.  They do this whenever the shelter gets too full you see, in an attempt to have as many pets adopted as possible.

Being adopted by a family would be nice.  While I was in the cat shelter, I saw plenty of people come and go, but I was never chosen.  I did not have much hope that today would be any different.

People walked past the cages, saying how cute and adorable the other cats and kittens were, but they never said that about me.  If anything, they frowned at the sight of me.

I saw them leaving, cradling their new furry bundle of joy in their arms, while I stayed behind.

Nobody wanted me.  Nobody even wanted to rub my little head, let alone pick me up and hold me.

I am not cute or adorable, you see.  I am ugly.

My fur is not short and smooth like Mona’s; it is long and sticks out at angles.  My color is not black like Suzy’s, white like Ceasar’s, cream like Mike’s, or even striped like Angela’s.  It is a mixture of grey and cream, patched all over my face, body, legs and tail.  I’m the kind of cat that people look at once, then turn away quickly.  

I was not sure why they brought me along to the pet store.  Nobody was going to take me anyway.

To make matters worse, I was sharing my cage with Lisa and Lynette, pure white twins.  They were the most beautiful kittens I had ever seen and believe me, I have seen a lot of kittens during my time here in the shelter.  

The twins were so adorable when they played.  Come to think of it, they were even adorable when they were asleep. So, how can an unglamorous little girl like me compete?   There’s another problem; they tell me that when I sleep, I sometimes snore.  Do you know anyone who wants an ugly kitten who snores?

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