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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spay/Neuter Incentive

He said he loved me
He sang to me and whispered in my ear
All the words I wanted to hear.

He was so handsome
So utter gorgeous if truth be told
We talked and kissed, danced and rolled

When we made love
I lost myself in his eyes and in his arms
Succumbing to his considerable charms

I thought I was safe
But all too soon I found to be
The result of that love growing inside of me

When the babies were born
Their daddy was long gone
And all alone I had to be strong

I was not the only one
Others like me had to find a way
To deal with the consequences of mating day

How many babies died?
How many will grow up to be
Fools in love, just like me

If only those who loved us
Had taken the time to take us to the vet
The fling I had would be easy to forget

As it is and pay attention now
This spring fling of mine
Can result in 420,000 babies over time

We are helpless, but you are not
The pet population needs your assistance

Because when spring comes around, it’s not in our nature to keep our distance.

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