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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A side order of pigeon?

I’m doing cat aerobics this morning. Have you ever tried cat aerobics, it’s quite demanding. Let me explain.

Yesterday afternoon a pigeon landed on our balcony. This might not seem like a momentous occasion to you, but have a look at the picture above … do you see that? The entire balcony is enclosed with mesh. First a fine nylon mesh, and for extra strength a thick green plastic mesh.

So how did a pigeon manage to penetrate this fortress of security … it sat on top of the nylon mesh, near the Christmas lights, and as the mesh sagged under its weight, it discovered a way to slip in.

Fortunately for the bird, the cats were not on the balcony at the time. Just imagine what would have happened if they were! They would have chased it, it would have panicked, and ultimately it might have been killed.

As it was, the bird flew to the top of the canopy of the swing and sat there for a while, then fancied a walk on the floor, followed by an inspection of the windows and various places of the mesh. He was clearly looking for a way out.

Just when I thought I would have to go outside and give the bird directions, it flew to the top of the mesh, and used the opening created under its weight to escape.

I heaved a sigh relief.

This morning though the bird was back, and this is where the cat aerobics came in. This time Holly and Mickey were outside, so every time the bird landed on the mesh, I had to get up to shoo the pigeon away.
As the bird kept coming back and back, I had to get up and down, and up and down, and up and down. It was exhausting.

How could this bird, who was smart enough to find a way in and out of a mesh enclosed balcony be stupid enough to keep coming back to a place where two cats were just waiting to catch and kill it?

It had seen the cats, I know that because I saw the bird looking down and cocking its head from left to right as if wondering what those big hairy things were. Had it never seen a cat before? Was it not familiar with the fact that cats chase and eat birds?

Was it hoping that the cats had been fed and wouldn’t be hungry enough for a side order of pigeon? In that case, I had news for the bird … they had been fed, but after the main course comes dessert.

If the bird though Holly and Mickey wouldn’t be fast enough to catch it, I had news for Mr. or Ms. pigeon. Just the other day I saw Holly in action after she had spotted a fly on the balcony.
She chased it from one end to the other, keeping her eye firmly on the insect. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, she whacked the fly with her paw and the fly flew no more.

I have no doubt that she would have pursued the pigeon just as diligently and in that case it would have been bye bye birdie.

As it is, the pigeon finally got the message and flew away. Holly and Mickey witnessed his departure with obvious disappointment and me, I could finally stay seated and have a little peace and quiet.

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