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Friday, October 12, 2012

The sticker says it all

Anyone who has a man in their life, whether it be a partner, a father or another male specimen, knows that they are not the easiest creatures to live with.

When they have the sniffles, they want to be pampered like they’re suffering from pneumonia.  When they have the flue, you’d swear they have a life threatening illness, and hold on to your hats ladies should they break a limb, because they turn into complete invalids.

Apart from this, men have a tendency of thinking they know everything better.  Have you ever been present when a man tries to put together furniture or a piece of equipment?  No? Keep it that way, because the moment you offer advice he will turn on you with “If you think you can do better, you do it.”

In other words, according to a man a woman shouldn't stick her nose in a man’s business.

Which brings me to the following …

The big issue in the upcoming presidential elections is abortion.  Both Romney and his side-kick are against abortion and make no secret about it.  Whether the child was conceived by accident or through rape or incest, all life is precious to them.

Pregnancy clearly is a woman’s business, but do men keep their noses out of that … apparently not.  They have now decided to do away with women’s rights. 

Personally I like the slogan the Dutch women came up with some 30 years ago … “Boss in own belly”.  She’s the one who has to carry the child for 9 months, she’s the one who has to give birth to it, and in most cases she’s the one who has to raise the child.  So Romney and cronies … BUD OUT!!!

How different it would be if men could get pregnant, would they feel the same way?  How many children would be born if men and women took giving birth to children in turns?  In other words, a man would give birth to the first child and a woman would produce the second, then a man would be responsible to birth the third one.  How many families would have three children?  My guess is, none.

But let’s see where men stand on other (typical) women’s activities.
Where it comes to cooking, most men limit themselves to the question “What’s for dinner?”  Some men know how to cook, in fact some of the greatest chefs are men, but the majority knows nothing about what goes on in a pot or a pan, or their knowledge is limited to boiling an egg.

As for cleaning, some men help around the house, but they are few.  Most men are nowhere to be found when chores need to be done.  Some don’t even know how to switch on a vacuum cleaner.

As for washing and ironing … let’s face it, leave this task to a man and you risk your delicates to end up in hot water, your woollies shrunken, or your white shirts to come out with a pink hue (thanks to his red T-shirt).  As for ironing … how many men know how to set up an ironing board and the correct heat setting of an iron?  There are those who can be trusted with laundry and ironing, but they belong to a small club.

Looking after the kids is another sore point.  Most men seem to think that making them and providing for them is enough.  Raising them is a woman’s job.  How many times have you heard “Go ask your mother”? 

Where kids are concerned, most men are also hypocrites.  Let a boy have “sticky fingers” and a man will say “Your son was caught shoplifting.”  Let a boy score the first goal in a soccer match and a man will say “My boy won the game.”  The same applies to girls of course.  Let the girl do something wrong and it’s “Your daughter …”, let the girl excel in something and it’s “My daughter …”

Regardless of who wins the presidential election this year, I can only hope that for the next election a woman steps up to the plate.  Then perhaps things will really change for the better for women.  Until then ladies, may the force be with you and think before you vote.

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