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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Princess Margaret Foundation Scam

It’s that time of the year again … the Princess Margaret Foundation is pulling the wool over your eyes.

The usual slogan is “Help Conquer Cancer” and they want you to contribute to their scam by buying a ticket.  To make the deal a little sweeter, they promise a series of prizes.  Million dollar homes, sports cars, vacations, etc.

Of course, the prizes are reserved for the already rich.  Think about it … who can afford to drive a $229,825 Ferrari or a Porsche 911 valued at 130,940?  Do you have any idea of the taxes and insurance on those cars?  

As for the homes, lets see:

A condo valued at $379,000

Oakville home: $4,300,000

Muskoka cottage: $1,200,000

In addition one can win seven vacations, ranging from $2,000  to $7,000

And there are the electronics:

3 – Apple MacBook Air Laptops
Valued at $1,132.09††
10 – Sony Tablets
Valued at $451.99††
95 – Apple TV Devices
Valued at $124.29††
1,500 – Nikon Digital Cameras
Valued at $112.99††
2,920 – Sony Noise-cancelling Headphones
Valued at $90.39††
Above prizes supplied by Henry’s
3 – Samsung 55" LED 3D TVs
Valued at $3,135.74††
25 – LG 32" LCD TVs
Valued at $593.24††
25 – Toshiba 19" LED TVs
Valued at $261.02††
120 – Hamilton Beach Juice Extractors
Valued at $112.99††
699 – Sony iPod Docks
Valued at $103.33††
4,000 – Sony DVD Players
Valued at $80.73††
Above prizes supplied by The Brick
1 – Apple iMac Computer
Valued at $1,368.42††
15 – Apple iPad 3 Devices
Valued at $588.38††
15 – Samsung Galaxy Tablets
Valued at $396.28††
25 – Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music Systems
Valued at $284.13††
40 – Monster Beats Solo Headphones by Dr. Dre
Valued at $226.10††
25 – Microsoft XBOX 360 Gaming Systems
Valued at $225.99††
25 – Sony eReader
Valued at $169.60††
100 – Apple iPod nanos
Valued at $146.99††
5,200 – Apple iPod shuffles
Valued at $56.60††
Above prizes supplied by Future Shop
1,800 – Cash Prizes of $100 each

With a rough estimate, I get to about $10,000,000.

How exactly does that benefit the cancer patients?  How can the Princess Margaret Foundation afford to throw 10 million dollars out the window?  Just how many tickets do they have to sell to make a profit?

Wouldn’t it be better to invest that 10 million in healthcare?

I personally know a woman who approached the foundation for a headscarf.  Not a fancy wig, just a scarf.  They foundation sent her packing and none to friendly either.

Or is this whole sweepstakes a fraud?  Do people buy tickets without getting anything in return? Is this just another scam?

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