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Thursday, October 4, 2012

In preparation of Halloween

Halloween is on its way and in preparation I have decorated the living room and balcony.  You might think that a balcony is an odd place to decorate, but I did so with a specific purpose … to keep the pigeons away.

While shopping for Halloween stuff, I picked up two big black ravens.  They’re plastic, but they look rather lifelike.  I placed two on the edge of the balcony, hoping that it might discourage pigeons from landing, but I was wrong.

After a couple of fly-by’s, a pigeon landed a safe distance away from the ravens and eyed the birds with suspicion.  When they didn’t move, or even blink, the pigeon crept a little closer and closer still.

Apparently, pigeons have a silent way of communicating, because shortly afterwards another pigeon landed and another.  Before long one of them had positioned himself next to the raven, while another snuggled up to it.
It didn’t end there though.  When next I checked, I found a pigeon on top of the raven! 

Indoors the Halloween decorations weren’t exactly a hit either.  If I thought a couple of rats showing their teeth were going to keep the cats off the side table, I was mistaken.  Gabriel got hold of the small rat’s tail and deftly flung it under the dining room table.  The bigger rat he carefully touched and when it remained frozen-like he decided that it could follow its friend.  One swish of his paw and the rat was a goner.

Mickey meanwhile took out his frustration on a witch.  One moment she stood on the coffee table, broomstick by her side, the next she had toppled over.  From there on it was child’s play to push her on the floor and have his way with her.

As for the three bats that decorated yet another table … there are only two left.  I’ve searched high and low for the third one, but without any success.

Taking into consideration what the kitties do to Halloween decorations, I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring a bird into the house.

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