Friday, November 2, 2018

Day 148: Inspector Greyson

My Project: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Day 148: Inspector Greyson

Can you guess what Greyson is looking at? No, it’s not a bird and it’s not a mouse, what has him so fascinated are … construction workers. Unfortunately for Greyson, he won’t see the completion of the parking project as it’s getting way too cold for him to be outside.

Just two weeks ago, we had a day when it was 28 degrees (82.4 degrees), followed by 24 degrees (75.2 degrees) and then suddenly we dropped to 11 degrees (51.8 degrees). It’s been that way ever since.

Charlotte, Holly, Halley, and Greyson are as keen as ever to go out on the balcony, but their reaction varies.

Charlotte and Holly hop outside but almost immediately change their mind, clearly wondering … what the hell happened?

Halley and Greyson love to be out in the fresh air but I fear that the air might be a little too fresh and they might get a cold. Now that the door stays closed, they are far from impressed.

So, the construction workers will have to muddle through without inspector Greyson. The last picture I posted was this one.

Since then, the men have made good progress. See for yourself …

 Meanwhile, at home, Greyson went to the vet last week for his third inoculation and rabies shot. When I pitched the news to him, he didn’t seem to trust me all that much.

The visit went off without a hitch though, he was perfectly behaved, got a treat when we got home, after which he took a long nap. The journey to the vet and back and getting pricked clearly left him exhausted.

As for Halley and Holly … these two geniuses took a liking to Greyson’s carrier. Just to be clear, we have two carriers, a small one and a large one. The large one is spacious enough for a Poodle, yet under normal circumstances, it takes Dieter and me to get a cat into the carrier. Whoever needs to go into that carrier fights us all the way. Yet now, both Halley and Holly went willingly into the carrier and not the big one but the small one. I can imagine the conversation went a bit as follows:

"The carrier is mine, all mine."

"Mom, come here and tell Holly to get out."

"Can you stop taking pictures and tell Holly to move?"

"It's a snug fit, but it will do."

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Holly deftly kicked Halley out of her hiding place and claimed it back as her own. When I found out she was severely reprimanded and was given a timeout. 

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