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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Power outage

My Project: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Power outage

Those who follow my 365 creative writing prompts project might have noticed that I skipped a day. There is, of course, a perfectly good reason.

The condo building where I live had no power yesterday. We received a notice last week that the hydro company would perform work and as such the building would be without power between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

In preparation of the upcoming power cut, we got up early so we could shower. In our building, no electricity also means no water as the booster pumps don’t get the power they need to push the water to all 16 floors.

We were having breakfast when at 9:15 the motor of the fridge shuddered to a halt and the filter of the fish tank stopped purring. Suddenly it was so quiet.

Not for the first time I wondered how people in the olden days managed. Without power, we couldn’t make a second cup of coffee, couldn’t do the dishes, couldn’t vacuum, couldn’t watch TV or listen to the radio, couldn’t cook or bake, couldn't go on the computer because battery power is limited and there was no Wi-Fi.

We kept busy with this and that, had lunch and then took a nap. When there’s nothing to do, one might as well sleep.

And then I got a brilliant idea … we could go to the bowling alley. The alley would have power, so we could play a couple of games and if I took my laptop with me, I could check my emails and do some work. So off we went.

After five games I pulled my laptop out of its bag and prepared for an hour or two of work when I noticed that the computer was going to do some updates first. 

As it turned out, I didn’t do a stitch of work because those updates took no less than 1,5 hours. By the time the updates were done, it was time to go.

As we walked home, we could see from afar lights in our condo building. What a beautiful sight that was … the power was back on. 

I’m so happy I was born in the 1900s and not in the 1800s. I don’t think I would have like it.

To get back on track, I will post again later on today.

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