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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Day 42: Halloween costume ideas for couples

My Project: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Day 42: Halloween costume ideas for couples

Dressing up for a Halloween costume party is fun. With a costume, you might get to step into another era, wear different clothes, different hair and adopt a different personality. You get to be someone else for the night.
Dressing up as a couple is even more fun. You get to be someone famous for a while and enjoy their celebrity status. Need some idea for Halloween costume ideas for couples?

Fred and Wilma Flintstone

For Fred, you will need an orange ‘dress’ with black spots. For Wilma, you will need a short white dress raggedly cut and a big stone white necklace.

Sonny and Cher

For both of you will need clothing from the sixties, with huge bellbottom pants.  For Sonny, you will need a shoulder length brown wig, for Cher a long black-haired wig.

David and Victoria Beckham

For David, you will need a soccer outfit.  For Victoria, you will need a short haired brown wig, a short revealing dress, plenty of jewelry and super high heeled shoes. 

Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler

Ladies, you have your work cut out for you there.  For Scarlett, you will need a beautiful, romantic hoop skirt dress. The type of dress that Southern ladies used to wear circa 1861, and a wig of shoulder length brown wavy hair.  Rhett is easier to create.  A black suit, white shirt, bow tie, sleeked back black hair and a fine mustache.  Being able to talk with a Southern accent is a bonus.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

For Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus you can both dress practically identical in a white trimmed, red suit with a huge black belt and black boots.  Mr. Claus will need a red floppy pointed hat, while Mrs. Claus will need a red and lace bonnet.  Both will need wire-rimmed spectacles and grey hair, while Mr. Claus will also need a grey beard. 


Alternatively, you can dress up as animals.  A pair of cats, or a cat and a mouse. For this an all in one catsuit is needed, preferably black, with a tail. Pointy ears can be attached to an Alice band, the nose of the character is painted pink or black and next to the mouth whiskers are drawn.


Perhaps the easiest costume of them all, although not very practical to eat and drink in is that of a ghost.  All you need to portray a ghost is a large white sheet, with two holes for the eyes, which is thrown over the couple’s head.  This is not a very practical costume though for those who wish to eat and drink.

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