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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


My Project: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Day 38: This makes me so angry

I’ve just about had enough of this ‘#metoo’ nonsense, a campaign started by Alyssa Milano to draw attention to sexual assault.

Apparently, numerous singers and actresses are joining her in this project, all Tweeting ‘#metoo’, as well as ordinary people typing ‘#metoo’ as their Facebook status.

Little do they know that numerous actors complained about Alyssa Milano, accusing her of sexually harassing them. This particular actor in a scene of ‘Charmed’ complained that she just about ‘ate his face’.

As for those singers and actresses joining her in her ‘#metoo’ project … take a look at them. If these women are the target of sexual harassment, are the men really to blame for taking a chance? All of them are clearly sending the message ... LOOK NO UNDERWEAR! If it was permitted, they would bloody well show up naked.

And speaking of naked ... why not Google 'Alyssa Milano naked' and see what comes up. And this is a woman who complains about sexual harassment! LOL

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