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Monday, January 9, 2017

Light up or shut up!

What is it with people writing the biggest nonsense on Facebook? I can understand that people post an announcement, something good, something bad, something funny or share pictures of events, pets, or kids. But some people write nonsense such as “Went for a walk”, “I’m waiting for the bus”, or “My neighbors just came home”. Who gives a crap?

Earlier today I read a post of someone who said ... I want a smoke so badly”. Apparently, this person gave up smoking two months ago and now she’s having cravings. A string of comments followed. Naturally, I wondered … how does posting this on Facebook help with a craving. Does writing this post help to make the craving go away? Does reading the comments make it any better? If you really need help, call the hotline for quitters.

Everyone is apparently so supportive of those who quit smoking, but what they don’t say is how they replaced one addiction with another. I know quite a few quitters and they literally don’t stop stuffing their faces with everything they can get their hands on. Hence the enormous weight gain.

Quitters don’t want others to know this. They stand on their pedestal and announce for all to hear that they quit smoking, but they hide the fact that from morning ‘till night they eat, eat, eat. And if you think they snack on celery sticks and carrots, think again. They snack on sweets, chocolates, potato chips, pretzels … they become addicted to junk food. They don’t share that with the world, though. No, they hide this little tidbit, otherwise, their ex-smoker halo would disappear.

So my message to ex-smokers … quit whining. LIGHT UP OR SHUT UP! 

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