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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Is sex discrimination dead

The western world likes to pride itself on the notion that sex discrimination is a thing of the past. I would urge those people to open their eyes. Sex discrimination is alive and well.

In the newspaper today it was reported that a woman had lost control of her car and slammed into a house. This is not the first time I’ve noticed this. Several announcements of car accidents specify that the driver was a woman.

Why is it necessary to be gender specific? Why can’t an accident report merely state “The driver of the car …”
In my opinion, women are discriminated against in all kinds of situations. For instance …

I’ve been all over the Net looking for women’s sneakers. I’ve looked at Sketchers, and Sportscheck, and other places and I don’t like what I see.

Sportcheck was running a special yesterday on men’s training shoes, pricing a particular pair down from $99.99 to $49.99. In women’s training shoes they had a pair down from $189.99 to $94.99

Why are women’s shoes more expensive than men’s?
And it’s not just trainers, golf shoes, tennis shoes, etc. it’s regular shoes too. And it makes no sense. Men’s feet are bigger than women’s feet, so more leather is needed, yet women’s shoes are far more expensive than men’s shoes.
And it’s not just shoes, it’s all kinds of things.

The other day I took in two pairs of shoes for the heels to be repaired. One pair was Dieter’s, which needed a considerable patch of rubber to repair to heel, the other pair were mine, which required a tiny piece of rubber for the heel. Yet despite the fact that the rubber required for Dieter’s repair was at least ten times bigger than my repair, he only had to pay $10 while I had to pay $20. 
Now how exactly does that work?

Clothing stores are equally discriminating.
The last time I was at Zara’s, I looked at blouses and while I saw some beautiful things, they were kind of expensive. Some blouses, plain blouses, were labelled just under a $100, some over $100, others still way over my budget. The same with slacks, some hovered around the $100, some were way over that amount.

I also looked at the Zara’s men’s section and noticed some very nice shirts for just $45 and pants for $65. I was confused. More material was needed for men’s clothing, yet it was cheaper than women’s clothing.

And it doesn’t stop there. Hair stylists also discriminate.
I recently picked up a price list of a downtown hair salon.

For women

Cut and style by a creative director - $125
Cut and style by a creative manager - $95
Cut and style by new talent - $65

For men

Cut and style - $30

As for salaries, we won’t even go there. While there are probably plenty of women who get equal pay to men, there are far more who don’t. Just the other day I heard that female workers of a particular organization demanded equal pay to the male workers. The organization flat out refused, stating that it would cost them millions.

Is sex discrimination dead … not at all.

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