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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Who is Ms. Pepperpot

Most people give their pet a name. Whether they call their cat Fluffy, Mandy, or Cesar, or their dog Cuddles, Mitsy or Max, pets are individual who need a name.

In addition, many pets also have a nickname. In the case of my lot, there’s Mickey who we occasionally call Blacky; Charlotte who also listens to Lotteken; Gabriel who also goes by the name of Mr. Blue eyes; and Holly who is Ms. Pepperpot.
The nicknames of Mickey, Charlotte and Gabriel are rather obvious, but why we call Holly Ms. Pepperpot might need a bit of an explanation.

Holly, you see, is rather temperamental. Not only is Holly very vocal, she regularly hisses. Not at me, but Dieter is frequently on the receiving end of a stream of air through her wide open mouth.

Don’t blame Holly, he’s asking for it. He knows that she doesn’t like being kissed, but he still asks for kisses, or worse, steals a kiss when he gets the chance.

Holly also grows a lot. When Dieter picks her up, and it doesn’t suit her, she growls. When she’s laying down somewhere and he moves her, she growls. When he holds her and asks for a kiss, her hiss is preceded by a growl.

So, because she’s so temperamental, we often call her Ms. Pepperpot.

Now, for the first time this morning, I was on the receiving end of her wrath.

As always, when I shower, Holly came with me to the bathroom. She usually sits on the toilet, yet for some reason, today she’d positioned herself on my towel. When I stepped out of the shower and reached for my towel, she growled at me. When I tried to pick her up and move her, she swiped at me, twice.

I ended up having to take a new towel because Holly simply did not want to be moved. Once I’d dried myself off and moved to the sink, she spontaneously vacated her position.

When you have a cat with a temper, you learn to adjust.

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