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Friday, May 6, 2016

Gabriel a.k.a. Aladdin

Entertainment is important to the physical and mental health of animals. Hamsters have a wheel in their cage, birds have a mirror, dogs like balls and squeaky toys, and cats ... well, cats are complicated.

Just about every cat owner knows that cats like boxes. Whether loving owners buy a beautiful cat tree, a soft sleeping basket, or a toy, if it comes in a box, the box gets all the attention while the purchased item gets ignored.

My lot has a variety of toys such as: soft balls, mice, a laser light, and fishes on a string. Out of all of these, they prefer the fishes on a string. I drag the toy over the floor and they chase after it, or I hold them up in the air and they jump for them.

Holly used to like playing with a ball, until one day I threw a ball across the room, she chased after it, skidded and slammed into the wall. That was the end of playing with a ball.

Gabriel has a fondness for mice, but the way he handles those mice turns it into a costly affair. See for yourself ...

However, now Gabriel has discovered a new toy ... a type of carpet.

Earlier this month we bought a rug for under the coffee table, a carpet for in front of the fireplace, and a runner for the hallway. Out of all of these, Gabriel took a fancy to the runner.

While the others merely sleep on the rug and carpet, Gabriel like to attack the runner. He lies on it, grabs hold of one of the corners, and subsequently kicks the crap out of it with his back paws. Or, he runs from the kitchen, jumps on the runner and uses it as a skateboard.

Between ten to fifteen times a day I have to put that runner back into place. Sometimes I find it in the living room, other times in my bedroom, and occasionally in the bathroom.

His love for this runner has quickly earned him the nickname “Aladdin”.

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