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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

“Debbie” … the countdown

Rocking Horse Publishing notified me today that copies of “Debbie” are on the way to Toronto.  Their arrival is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27.

To say that I'm anxious to see what the end product looks like would be an understatement.  I’m burning with curiosity.

While I know the story of course, I haven’t seen the colorful illustrations inside.  If the cover of the book is anything to go by, the drawings inside will be wonderful too.  Actually, I already got a sneak preview and they’re adorable.  Just as Debbie was.

As soon as the books arrive I will take pictures of course.  A picture of the box, a picture of opening the box, obviously a picture of the book and knowing my fur kids … a picture of one or more cats checking out and taking possession of the box.

The imminent arrival of “Debbie” is the second good thing that happened this week.  The first happened on Sunday in the bowling alley.

Ever since winter started, it’s been a crap shoot going to Kennedy Bowl.  It happened more than once that we braved the cold and tracked through the snow to the bowling alley, only to find out that all the lanes were booked.  Especially over the weekend the place is heaving with bowlers.

When we arrived last Sunday, the noise that greeted us at the door didn’t sound encouraging.  I heard balls rolling and pins falling and from the sound of people talking, yelling, screaming and laughing the place was packed.

When we got to the lanes that suspicion was confirmed … not a free lane in sight.  Fortunately, after a bit of waiting and negotiating, we managed to get one lane and unpacked our gear: balls, shoes, gloves.

My family of balls

My latest edition - the Hammer Wrench

Dieter's family of balls

Dieter's latest edition - the Raptor Talon

Seeing that I was about to bowl with a new ball, the Hammer Wrench, I didn’t know what to expect.  After all, it always takes time getting to know how a new ball will perform.

But my Hammer performed beautifully.  From the moment he came off my fingers, he rolled toward the pins, picking up speed as he went along, took a sharp turn to the left toward the end of the lane and hammered the pins down.

Over 5 games he scored:

193 … not bad

204 … even better

156 … he had an oops moment


193 … finish the way he started

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Tomorrow the Hammer will join the rest of my ball family and play league for the first time.  He will either get cold feet and chicken out, or take me to new heights.

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