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Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Debbie came to live with us

My last blog post finished with … “Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you a bit more about Debbie”.  Well that didn’t happen, did it.

You know how it goes, you fully intend on doing something, but then life gets in the way and there’s a change of plans.
Which incidentally is how we got Debbie in the first place.

Dieter and I went to the mall on a Saturday morning to pick out a bird.  A canary, or another bird that sings.

“Only a bird, right Mom,” Dieter said to me before going into the store, “nothing else.”

“Of course,” I said, “what else would we get?”

Knowing me he didn’t reply.  He didn’t have to, I know what he meant.  Seeing so many cute rabbits and puppies, not to mention kittens, I would be thoroughly led into temptation.

Then again, why spend between $300 and $1,000 on a kitten, when so many cats and kittens need a good home from an adoption shelter?

Anyway, in we went inside looking for a bird. 

As I heard the canaries chirping and singing and saw them fluttering around I wondered what our five cats would make of a feathered pet.  Would the canary’s song fill their heart with joy, or would they think of it as something for their stomach?  I got second thoughts.  Maybe a bird wasn’t such a good idea.

As we strolled through the pet store we considered other pets.

A hamster maybe?  Hm, no, too small.  Might also end up in a cat’s stomach.

A guinea pig?  Maybe.

A bunny?  Cute, but don’t bunnies chew through cables and things?

A parrot?  Yes, that we both agreed was a good idea.  An African grey we decided was a bit on the small side (thinking of the cats again), better go for a big, colorful Macaw.  At least such a bird was bigger than the cats and he had quite a beak on him to defend himself.

We were all set to get a nice, red, Macow until we heard the price … $5,000.   $5,000?  FOR A BIRD!!!

Dieter actually stumbled backward a bit when he heard the price, and that’s when we saw them … ferrets.

They were ever so cute with their little eyes and noses and that black stripe across their faces.  Three of them were fast asleep in their hammock, but one came up to the bars of the cage and curiously sniffed Dieter’s hand.

Twenty minutes later we walked out with the curious ferret, along with a cage, wood curls, a hammock, a food and water dish and ferret nibbles. 

It seems like a good choice.  A ferret was large enough not to be a food choice for the cats and was reasonably priced.

“Any idea what you’re going to call her?” I asked Dieter.

“Debbie,” he said without hesitation.

And that’s how Debbie came to live with us.

More about Debbie to follow (I won’t promise a date).

(Debbie’s life story will be available in book form on March 30, published by Rocking Horse Publishing).

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