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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Terrorism in South Africa

James dP posted a picture of mandela this morning on Facebook.  A discussion followed.  
I lived in South Africa for 15 years so I know a bit more about the country than those who merely read a book or saw a movie.

Susan B remarked that mandela has received the Nobel Peace Prize, so that he must be a good man to receive such an honour.  I did some digging and found the following.  Note how mandela is mentioned to giving medals of honour to torture and kill men, women and children (some babies).

Also note how desmond tutu, an archbishop no less, is part of the Truth Commission.  A  commission that gives amnesty to criminals such as torturers, rapists and murderers.     

James, Susan, read and look at the pictures.                                                                                                                

TERKND_small.JPG (1990 bytes)How something like this is classified as an 'act of war' and part of a 'justified struggle' by the so-called Truth Commision chaired by 'Archbishop' Desmond Tutu, goes beyond the comprehension of any civilized true Christian. Such monstrous murders of babies like these resulted from landmines planted on private farm roads by 'valiant heroes of the struggle', who, believe it or not, were awarded medals for bravery by President of the New South Africa (Azania), Nelson Mandela. Medals for the killing and mutilation of whole families, innocent farmers, wives and children like this baby. Farm labourers were not spared, either. The photo of the wrecked tractor, which detonated a mine while ploughing, shown in the book "The Other Side of the Story, a True perspective" bears silent witness  to this.                                                                            TER3_small.jpg (2247 bytes) ter2_small.jpg (2107 bytes)[image 1] This victim of a necklace murder still has his arms tied behind his back. Although it is unthinkable for the normal human mind that people can dance and chant around a burning and begging human being, it actually happened in more than 400 reported cases. Why? One should ask the so-called 'Mother of the (Azanian) Nation',  Mr Mandela,  what she meant, when she said, quote : "With tyres and matches we will liberate this country", unquote...

[image 2] Still another victim of the "necklace" murders by supporters of the ANC/Communist alliance. Note the steel rings of the tyre still around the bodies' neck. All of these people were civilians, and they were murdered for such reasons as "not taking part in illegal strikes", not adhering to party policy and not obeying "non-shopping orders" Many mother's were forced to eat the borax and washing-powder they bought for their households because "they dared to challenge ANC's orders not to buy from whites".
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