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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In memory of Chase

For most people, the loss of a pet is a traumatic experience.  It’s bad enough when a pet passes away in his sleep, but it’s so much worse when the decision to terminate a life has to be made.  Some wonder what happens to their pet after they die.  Is there such a place as Rainbow Bridge?

I’d like to think that there is. In fact, I’m pretty sure that there is. I had not one, but two visits from cats who passed away. I was rather hesitant including those visits in my blog, but when I learned that Glory L. lost her beloved Chase today, I felt the time had come to tell you about those visits.

The first visit happened a few years ago.

Six weeks after losing Kitty, a 12 year old ginger cat, I went to Belgium to visit my folks.  I was in bed one night when I felt a cat walking on the mattress and snuggling up behind my knees.  Kitty always used to do that when he slept with me. The odd thing was … my folks didn’t have a cat at the time.

More recently, last Wednesday night to be exact, I saw Charlie.  Charlie passed away on Boxing Day last year.  When he came to me, it wasn’t in a dream. I know for a fact that I was not asleep.  I only saw him briefly, but I saw him long enough to see that he was beautiful and happy.

Others have told me similar stories about cats and dogs, visiting their owners after death.  One woman said that, close to a year after Cassie passed away, she could feel her cat brushing up against her hand one night.  She couldn’t see her, but she felt her distinctive velvety fur.

I hope Glory finds comfort in the knowledge that Chase is not really gone, but merely moved on to Rainbow Bridge, where he – undoubtedly – will be welcomed by many others.  And who knows, he too might pay Glory a visit someday.

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