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Monday, June 25, 2012

You CAN make a difference

The wicked witch of the west is dead. If I was allowed to mention her name, I would, but that could result in a lawsuit. So I’ll call her by her nickname.

When I first met this woman, I knew I was dealing with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Standing barely 5 feet 3 inches tall, she did everything in her power to give herself importance. A business suit fit for Wall Street, a sleek perfect bob haircut, flawless makeup and above all ... nothing less than 3-inch stilettos.

She took pleasure in making candidates squirm during their interview, she checked up on them if hired, and even though she encouraged them to talk to her about problems, those who did lived to regret it. I did.

When I went to see the witch about a problem, something shared in confidence, she made fun of me and shamelessly shared my problem with colleagues.

“Report her,” one person said.
“Why bother,” said another. “Nothing gets done about it anyway.

Not one to rest on my laurels, I decided I would report her. As I said to others ... “If everybody keeps quiet and never complains then of course nothing will ever get done. But if I speak up and you speak up, if we all voice what on our minds, then maybe something WILL get done about it.”

In her position of power, she had a hand in keeping people out who should have been let in; she had people fired for no good reason; and she stood in people’s way who deserved promotion.

Whether it the accumulation of complains against her that led to the decision to let her go we’ll never know, but I’d like to think so. It took fourteen months and numerous emails, but finally justice was served. The witch was fired.

For me and countless others her dismissal comes too late but it might benefit those who come behind us. 

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