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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cute baby owls looking for a home

A few weeks ago, while cleaning up a storage room at work, I came into possession of this baby owl and 499 of his closest friends. I opened a box and there they were, staring up at me with their cute little brown eyes.

I immediately thought of donating the lot to Goodwill. When I called and made inquiries if someone from the organization could pick up the box I was told that they didn’t do pickups. “Can you bring the box?” the woman I spoke to asked. 
Euh no ... it was a big heavy box, how was I going to do that? “Can you take a cab?” was her next question. 
“Will Goodwill pay for the cab?” I asked. 
Negative, a cab ride would be at my own expense.

My next call went to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. When I inquired how I would go about donating about 500 owls, the hospital representative asked me “Are the owls individually wrapped?” 
I replied that they were not wrapped at all, but packaged together in a large box. 
“Then don’t bother,” the woman said, “we’re not interested.” When I asked why, she replied “We don’t know what you did to these toys. You might have stuffed drugs, needles or razor blades in them. Goodbye.”
Oh yes, that’s what I do. I go around buying toys and then stuffing them with drugs or sharp objects. Preposterous!!!

So now I either had to throw the owls away or make a plan with them. The choice was easy ... I’m sure there would a lot of children who would be thrilled to have a little baby owl.

Interested? The cost price is only $1 and the proceeds go to The Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR).  An organization where no cat or kitten is turned down or put down. TCR is in need of funding though and every little bit helps.

To receive your very own baby owl, please leave me a comment and upon payment of $1 this cute toy will be mailed to you at no additional cost.

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