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Friday, June 15, 2012

Kate has something to say

We have a guest blogger today. After yesterday’s Avon post, Kate S. contacted me with a comment. Kate is an experienced blogger, writing about anything and everything in a tongue in cheek way. What I like about her writing is that she says it like it is. There’s no dancing around the subject, there’s no sugar coated statements, she puts it out there … take it or leave it.

When Kate stated that she had been an Avon consultant, I was more than happy to let her have her say.

When I was about 17 years old I sold Avon. I sold Avon products for about a year and then quit, because I wasn't making enough money to make it worth it.

As a sales representative, I had to buy what should have been free items. You see, Avon sales reps must buy the catalogues customers look through. They also must be bought in bundles of tens, such as ten, twenty and so on. When I would buy ten, they would send me 20 and take the money out of my sales.

I also had to buy the 'free' samples sales reps gave out. I purchased the smallest samples to give to potential customers. I think we had to buy the bags reps gave customers containing their purchases also.

I remember smelling the leftover free samples I gave away for colognes and lotions and they smelled awful. However, I did buy Avon products such as anti-perspirants, several colognes, lotions and shampoos for myself, over that year. At first, I loved getting my monthly Avon box filled with new products I would be giving to customers. I adored looking through the glossy magazine-like catalogues.

After about six months I came to despise getting new catalogues in the mail, because I knew I'd have to start asking family, friends, teachers at school and neighbors if they wanted to buy anything. While some people were loyal customers, it seemed other people only wanted to obtain those free samples I had to pay for. 

I remember my mom saying that Avon had a lot of nerve to make their sales reps pay for what should be free--- like the bags, brochures, and samples---which of course ranged in price according to their size.

So no thanks, I for one will never be a sales rep for Avon ever again, because the sales rep ends up getting ripped off!

Want read more of Kate’s hand? Visit any of her blogs for views on marriage, kids, drugs, celebrities, writing and a whole lot more.

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