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Saturday, November 12, 2011

We might move ...

Parents who buy their child a drum set or another musical instrument often live to regret it as their quiet life is suddenly filled with noise.  If the child can play, great, but if he can’t, the noise of the instrument can rapidly become ear torture.

I made a mistake too.  I bought my son a bowling ball for his birthday (a C-(System) ulti-max) and if I had known then what I know now … I might have thought twice before making that purchase.

While playing with his old bowling ball, we were more or less competitive equals.  Sure he won more games than I did, but every now and then I managed to snatch one or two games from him.

With the new bowling ball, that equality has gone out the window.  Today he scored: 190 – 224 – 222 – 214 – 189 - 231.  There’s no way I can compete with that.

However, that’s not all.  Before he would make a couple of strikes per game, but the majority of a ten-pin bowling game would be made up of two tries, often resulting in a spare.  This would give me the chance to sit down for a moment, catch my breath and rest my weary legs.

Not anymore.  With this new ball, Dieter made strike after strike after strike, giving me no rest whatsoever.  I would sit down, he would make a strike and hup, it would be my turn again.  In the end I didn’t even bother sitting down anymore.

We have definitely broken our record in bowling alley attendance this week.
It started on Tuesday (Dieter’s birthday) when we went to pick up the bowling ball.  After drilling we wanted to play a few games, but with two leagues playing there were no lanes available.

So we went home and returned to the bowling alley two hours later when the league would have finished.  That was two visits in one day.

On Friday we had league bowling.

Today, Saturday, we went practising. 

Tomorrow friends are picking us up for some friendly competition.

By my count that is five bowling alley visits in one week.  We might as well move and go and live there. 

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