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Friday, November 25, 2011

A burglary

Every now and then we find ourselves with nothing to write about.  There’s nothing on the news, nothing’s happening in sports, our friends are of no inspiration, while our own lives are about as interesting as a slice of white bread.  

And then there are times that something happens that turns our quiet, peaceful little world on its ear.  We are shaken and rattled and forced to rethink our safety.  I certainly did when I noticed no less than four police cars outside the condo building where I live.  It’s not unusual to see one police car, but four of them!

Inside the building I saw three policemen and one woman examining the lobby of the building.  They were dusting walls and door frames for fingerprints, taking pictures here and there, even photographing the security cameras.  What had happened?  Obviously something serious or the situation wouldn’t require four police cars.  It was a bit like a scene of CSI, only with less attractive people.  I didn't dare to ask them what was going on because I could guess the response ... "Just move along ma'am, nothing to see here."

This morning though my curiosity (and concern) got the better of me and I phoned the management office to get the details of what happened yesterday.  Apparently there was a break-in in one of the condos.  No idea where though as no details were given.

A break-in in a house is bad enough, but in a condo … how is such a thing even possible?  There are so many neighbors around and it’s not like the thieves can enter through a window (unless on the ground floor).

Speaking from experience, a break-in is horrible.  We had our house broken into in South Africa.  In addition to robbing the place, the thieves had organized a bit of a party.  They had drank all the liquir, eaten all the cookies, and left one heck of a mess before making off with anything they could carry. 

Other than taking electrical appliances, they took leather jackets, bed linen (not the used stuff, the linen still in plastic), table clothes (the ones I kept for a special occasion) and a number of other items. 

For a while nobody will feel safe in this building, wondering if the thieves will be back and who will be next. 

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