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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Day 108: Best Paws Forward

My Project: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Day 108: Best Paws Forward

Whether it’s for a long weekend or a few weeks, if people need to be away from home, on business, for pleasure or out of necessity, arrangements need to be made to look after pets.

Some people have family, friends or a neighbor they trust with this responsibility, but what about those who have nobody? Who will look after their cat, dog, or other type of pet?

Many veterinary clinics have boarding facilities, but this is not an ideal solution. This strange environment is stressful for the pet and is often very expensive.
The alternative is a pet sitter, a trained professional who comes to your home and looks after your cats, dogs, or other furry friends.

One such organization is Best Paws Forward.
Ellie Dennie founded Best Paws Forward in 2003 and provided the following information about her initiative:

Best Paws Forward, bonded and insured, was founded in 2003. Services include kitty visits, group dog walks, private dog walks, doggy daycare, boarding, stay-at-home service for those who prefer someone in their home caring for their pet while they're away, and behavioral counseling for pet issues.

I also have experience with birds, lizards, and rodents.
A companion compatibility interview is required before service is agreed to. I always like to meet the animals I'm working with in advance and in their own environment to see what their behavior is like and learn any requirements they have.

Up-to-date veterinarian documentation must be provided. I have experience with animal health issues and am comfortable with administering medicines, including oral and injection. Veterinarian information is required in case of any health issues that may arise.

I also have a wonderful vet close by who takes marvelous care of my pets and, as we share many of the same clients, would be happy to see any animal I might need to bring in and have assessed. Any emergency outside of standard vet hours would be rushed to the emergency hospital on Rolark. I am happy that no circumstance requiring this has occurred.

I started Best Paws Forward because I love all living beings and spending time with them brings me much joy. I have a Basenji/Lab mix, Tess and 2 cats, Rufus and Charlie who are the loves of my life.

Contact information:

Ellie Dennie 

Best Paws Forward 

Personally, I am very relieved to have found Ellie. Should I want or need to be away from home, I trust that Ellie will take good care of Gabriel, Charlotte, Holly, and Halley.

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