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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Day 107: Holly did something bad

My Project: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Day 107: Holly did something bad

I have some bad news.

You might remember that a pair of finches made a nest on our balcony. When the nest was finished five eggs were deposited and out of those eggs hatched five little chicks. For days on end mama bird brought the little fluffballs food and while she was away, papa bird sat the netting of the balcony chirping and singing his little heart out to let the little ones know that he was nearby.

Last Friday the young ones were ready to fly off and … Holly caught one. She came inside with something in her mouth and trotted straight to my bedroom. Thinking that whatever she had might be a choking hazard, I went after her. When she saw me, she jumped on my bed and … dropped a bird on the sheet.

Needless to say, I was not pleased. Thinking that the bird was faking it, I placed it in the bathroom and closed the door, hoping that – when he had recovered from his fright he might get up – but this was not to be. The bird was dead.

In a way, this was my fault.

Last year, some finches made a nest on our balcony too and we sort of saw them grow up. When the nest became too small for them, I knew they were about ready to fly out, so I kept the cats indoors until they were all gone.

This year I didn’t follow the growing up process as closely and as such, I didn’t know that the young finches were ready to go into the world. So, lesson learned for next time.

As for the other birds … while twittering up a storm, mama and papa birds showed a hole in the netting of our balcony as a way out and two of the young ones were smart enough to get it. The other two were not so smart and battled to get out. They tried over and over again, but even though the parents did their best to show their babies the hole in the netting, they didn’t put two and two together.

In the end, Dieter went outside, caught one bird and then the other and set them free.

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