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Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 22: Wedding superstitions

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Day 22: Wedding superstitions

Her wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life.  Because of the importance of the day, a number of superstitions and old wive's tales are connected with the event which can spin already nervous brides into a frenzy.  Whether or not these superstitions are true is beside the point, most brides will rather not test their luck.

The Outfit

It is said that the bride should not tailor her own dress and not even help with the stitching because for every stitch of the needle she will cry a tear in her marriage.

The outfit should not be tried on before the wedding other than for fittings.  Should the bride show off her outfit chances are she will not get married.

Neither should the groom see the bride in her wedding fineries before the big day.  Of all superstitions, this is possibly the strongest one and followed by brides the world over.


Pearls represent tears.  The bad luck superstition around the bride wearing pearls states that the pearls represent the tears she will shed during her married life.  The good luck superstition of the wearing of pearls states that the pearls take away the tears that the bride would have shed. 


Rain on the wedding day can also be taken as a good or a bad sign.  One superstition states that rain on a wedding day predicts tears in the marriage; another superstition associates a rainy wedding day with the gift of children to the couple.

The Church

Seeing a nun or a monk outside the church can be one of two things.  Either the marriage will not be blessed with children, or the couple will fall into poverty.

Seeing a black cat on the way to the church is a sign of good luck.

For good luck in a marriage, rather marry on a weekday than a Saturday.  While no bad luck is associated with a weekend wedding, no good luck is associated with it either, so, no luck at all.  According to superstition, Wednesday is the best day to marry.

Signing your Married Name

This is considered another way of tempting faith.  If you dare to sign a document with your married name, chances are the wedding will not take place or the marriage is doomed.

Dropping of the Ring

It is said that if the best man or the groom drops the ring the marriage won’t last.

The Wedding Night

Finally, there is the wedding night with the threat that who falls asleep first will be the first to die.

If all these superstitions were to be believed, it’s no wonder brides are jittery.  To play it safe, just stick to the wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and don’t let the rest worry you.

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