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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Looking for a new home

Let me give it to you in a nutshell. After living 17 years in a condominium in a suburb of Toronto, we’ve decided to move. The reason ... I’m no longer willing to put up with our corrupt Board of Directors. One member of the board had herself fraudulently elected and twice re-elected, and deceitfully had candidates of her choice elected to 'serve' with her on the board.

I ran for a board position too, with the specific intent of exposing the fraudulent actions of this board member but she railroaded me with a string of false rumors and downright lies. The result, two candidates she supported got elected and she can continue cheating the condominium corporation out of thousands of dollars.

Even though the corporation is $500,000 in debt, she got it into her head – and got the rest of the board to agree with her – that the building’s parking garage needs a complete overhaul. Cost of this project … $2,5 million.
In addition, she’s planning on cladding the building. Cost of that project … $400,000.

To cover the total cost of $2,9 million the corporation can either apply for a loan, and stretch the down payments over 10 or 15 years, or the residents of this building will see a massive increase in their maintenance fees, along with a special assessment that could amount to several thousand dollars.

So, to avoid all this, we’ve decided to sell our condo and move. I went online, started looking for properties for sale, and got in touch with two realtors. One of them sent me a link to a house.

So far, I hadn’t considered a house, because houses are much more expensive than condos, but this house was extraordinarily reasonable priced, just $159,000. See for yourself. The outside may not look like much, but inside it’s exquisite.


We jumped at the opportunity and asked the realtor to arrange a viewing. We couldn't believe our luck, such a beautiful house for such a low price! 

Today the realtor emailed me some bad news. Whoever had typed up the specifications for the house had made a mistake. The price was not $159,000 but $1,590,000. He asked if we wanted to proceed with the viewing, or if this new price was a bit out of our budget. A bit out of our budget? It was WAY out of our budget.

So, we’re back to square one with looking for properties. I image that in the days, weeks or even months to come, you’ll get regular updates of our experiences.

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