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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Butterfly Cat Toy

Over the years, I’ve brought plenty of toys home for my cats. Some were played with, others entertained them for a while, while others still were ignored or even frightened them.

The butterfly cat toy is a hit though. If you want a closer look, the toy can find it on Amazon.

When the toy arrived, my cats’ reaction varied. From the moment I switched the butterfly cat toy on, Charlotte was all over it, circling the toy and grabbing for the butterfly. 

Mickey and Holly initially kept their distance, but when they saw how much fun Charlotte was having, they too gave it a go. Now the three of them were chasing the butterfly, occasionally getting hold of it with their paws or mouth.

Gabriel was actually frightened of it and ran away whenever the butterfly cat toy was switched on. He wanted nothing to do with it. But in due time, this too changed. I’m not sure if his curiosity got the better of him, or if Mickey, Charlotte, and Holly had a word with him, but one day he too started chasing the butterfly.

While the toy was entertainment for the cats, it was exercise for me. Because of the small size of the toy, the cats easily tipped it over. In that case, I had to get up to put the toy back on its base. Doing this once or twice was okay, but when you have to do this seven or eight times in the course of fifteen minutes, it does get a bit tiring.

This was easily fixed though, the butterfly cat toy was glued to heavy duty cardboard and voila, now the cats can’t tip it over anymore.

If I had known that my lot would like this toy so much, I would have gone for a more sturdier model such as the pet zone fly spinner. As you can see, the toy is bigger and the base is broader.

As I mentioned earlier though, with my cats it’s a crapshoot. Some toys they like, some toys they ignore. There’s only sure thing, and I’m sure many cat owners will agree … if the toy comes in a reasonable size box, THAT gets their attention.

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