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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Alia Aliia Nasyrova - aka the real Rapunzel

Yesterday the media ran a story on Alia Aliia Nasyrova, nicknamed ‘The Real Rapunzel’. Her hair apparently is 2 meters long and weigh approximately 2 kg.

While some people admired her commitment, others commented that it must be quite a burden living with such long and heavy hair, while others still were of the opinion that she should donate her hair to cancer patients.

This last statement makes me so mad. I was a cancer patient myself and if anyone had asked me if I would want someone to cut their hair to benefit me, I would have said … ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Let me say this though ...

Nobody can donate anything to a cancer patient. At best, someone can donate hair to a wig-making institution such as Locks of Love, and there it gets tricky.

A few years ago I heard that Locks of Love was a scam, that they sold the hair they received to Hollywood and Europe. I decided to get to the bottom of this claim and wrote to Locks of Love.

I received an email back in which the writer confirmed that this is true, the hair received does get sold.

The writer stated that 70% of all hair received was useless and got discarded. It was either too short or chemical treated. Hair that has been permed or color treated is unsuitable for wig making.

The writer stated that a lot of ponytails just don’t contain enough hair to make a wig and combining several ponytails is not an option.

The 30% that is useable gets sold to film studios in Hollywood and theaters in Europe. Where the money goes to is anyone's guess.

The writer went on to say that cancer patients never qualify for a wig donation on grounds that after their chemo treatment, their own hair grows back.

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