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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Meet inspector Mickey

Anyone who has a pet, especially a cat or a dog, knows how curious they are with our daily activities.
Noisy activities, such as vacuum cleaning, might keep them at bay, but where it comes to dusting, doing the dishes, or mopping the floors, many of them take a front row seat. And as many pet owners will agree, window washing is their favorite entertainment.

When I filled a bucket with water today, Holly was there, peering in the bucket and looking at me with a face that said … what you doing?

She quickly caught on. As I took the bucket out on the balcony, she planted herself on the windowsill and waited in eager anticipation as to what I was up to.

As the sponge went up and down, and from left to right, so did Holly’s head. As the squeegee moved from the very top to the very bottom of the glass, Holly never took her eyes of this strange contraption.

When the windows were done, Holly took off and inspector Mickey took her place. He padded outside, jumped on the cat tree and had a close look if I had completed the job to his satisfaction.

Are you doubting my statement? See for yourself …

If your cat is not interested in what you’re doing … don’t worry about it, not all cats want to be where the action is.

Just look at Gabriel, he couldn’t care less about window washing and whether or not there are streaks in the glass. He trusts me enough to let me get on with my business while he gets on with his. As long as he gets his beauty sleep, it’s all good.

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