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Monday, May 4, 2015

Kitten Diaries - This week free on Kindle

‘Chanel’s Story,’ is about an ugly shelter kitten who gives herself no chance at being adopted.  After many disappointments, she discovers that there are people willing to look beyond fur deep.   Chanel’s poignant and amusing story shines a well-deserved spotlight on animal shelter adoptions and the importance of responsible pet ownership.   

Beyond the timely message of overflowing shelters, ‘Chanel’s Story’ is, at the heart of it, about the blessing of acceptance.   Not just a human’s acceptance and love for a cat; but also a cat’s special love for the owner who saved her.

In ‘Queeny’s Diary,’ this tiny, Ragdoll breed kitten is left in the care of friends while her owners go away on vacation.  Her diary entries describe numerous adventures and misadventures when she finds herself alone in a household full of other older and eccentric cats.

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