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Monday, August 20, 2012

Can money buy happiness?

Last Friday, the Max Millions lotto drawing was $50 million. 

A jackpot this size always draws more players than usual.  Some people can’t be bothered with $10 or $15 million, when they win they want to win big and $15 million just doesn’t cut it.

Me, I play every week, twice a week.  I play the Max Millions on Fridays and 649 on Saturdays.  Having a regular set of numbers I can’t afford not to play.  Imagine not playing and recognizing the winning numbers as “my” numbers ... I wouldn’t survive the shock.

Yet this is exactly what happened ... last Friday, I forgot to play.  This in itself was a shock.  $50 million up for grabs and I didn’t buy a ticket! 

I’m sure there are others like me, faithful players who buy a ticket every week with a regular set of numbers.  I wonder if they ever won anything sizable.  I don’t mean a free ticket or $5 or $10 here and there, I mean a sum that makes a difference.

Whenever I read about Lotto winners I find there are four categories:

  • people who state that this was their first time playing;
  • people who only play when the jackpot meets their expectations;
  • the elderly; and
  • the disabled.

Since I don’t fit in any of the four categories, I wonder about my chances.  I also wonder what I would do with $50 million. 

People say that money doesn't buy happiness, but I’d sure would like to put that theory to the test.  $50 million would make me VERY happy and I can think of quite a few people and one organization with whom I would share that happiness.

I shall persevere and try again next Friday ...

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