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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Me ... a manager!

Today I got a call from Investors Group.  They offered me the position of investor manager.  

To say that I was surprised is putting it mildly.  Flabbergasted, more likely.  Me … a manager … dealing with investors?!  How on earth did they think me qualified for a manager position?

For most of my life I have been an assistant.  Whether it be an executive, administrative or legal assistant, assistant always was the operative word.

Ever since I was laid off in October 2011, I’ve been looking for work.  Whether it be full-time or temporary.  I’ve sent out resumes, registered with employment agencies, but so far no luck.

With over fifteen years of experience, some positions I applied for I was qualified, for some I was over qualified.  For some I got invited for an interview, but I have yet to hear the words "Congratulations, you're hired".
So, you can imagine my surprise when the position of investor manager was thrown at me.  A position I am absolutely not qualified for as I don’t have a day’s experience.

When I asked what the position entailed the woman who called me explained that I would be attracting investors and looking after their portfolio. 
To me, attracting investors translates into bothering people, hassling them to invest in the company.  As for looking after their portfolio … I’m at a complete loss there.  I wouldn’t be comfortable looking after other people’s money, I can barely keep track of my own.  As for investing … not a fan of that.  I prefer a safe savings account.  

My guess is, the position of investor manager is a scam.  No self-respecting company is going to approach someone like me, without a day of experience, and offer her the position of manager.  Something stinks, stinks up to high heaven. 

I wonder about other people though.  How many more out of work people did Investors Group approach?  What is their background?  Receptionists, data entry clerks, hair stylists, sales staff … all offered the position of manager.

I equally wonder about the people those "managers" approach, people with money.  What would they say if they knew they were dealing with unqualified staff?
Would you trust a data entry clerk to look after your $100,000 portfolio?  I wouldn’t.  I would want someone who knows what he’s doing.  Someone with a university degree and a few years experience.

Investor manager indeed.  If I didn’t smell a rat on this one, I would be ROTFLMAO.

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