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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I wonder about meteorologists.
Back when I lived in Belgium we had Herman Pien as a meteorologist.  Where they man got his degree is a mystery to me, as he constantly got it wrong.

When he predicted rain, the sun would shine.  When he predicted sun, clouds would appear and in due time it would rain.
The man got so frustrated that eventually he would bet on all horses.  He would predict some sun, some clouds and some rain.  He was bound to hit one out of three.

When I lived in South Africa the meteorologists’ job was as easy and boring as could be.  Between September and May our region (Johannesburg) got sun, sun and more sun.  Occasionally there would be some surprise clouds and rain, but the folks would be so happy with water from the heavens, any mistake made on the meteorologists’ part was quickly forgiven.

You would assume that the meteorologists’ job in Canada is equally easy.  You would think that in winter they only have to mention how cold it’s going to be, but that’s not enough for our weather specialists.  They like to have a little fun.

Take last night for instance … 
The weather channel predicted a maximum for Toronto of -10 C (14 degrees F).  When I looked this morning it was -25 deg C (-13 deg F) with the wind chill.
Yes, rather chilly, but not worthy of the “extreme cold” they were talking about or the cold weather alert that was issued.

Had I taken their word for it, I would have called a cab to take me to my morning destination, but I preferred to feel the temperature for myself.  As mentioned before, it was cold, but not nearly cold enough to issue an alert.

Perhaps I should take up a career in meteorology.  I would simply say “Folks, it’s going to be a cold one tomorrow.  Then again, it is January, this is Canada so … deal with it.”

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