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Monday, July 18, 2011

Job advice

Where it comes to unemployment and finding a job, just about everyone has suddenly become an expert. Just Google ‘How to find a job’ and see what comes up. Who are the people who write those articles? Do they have any qualifications to give advice?

This morning I read a post by Laura, who was putting in her two cents. She stated that she was unemployed and rambled on and on about her quest to find a job. Something she had failed at, yet she felt qualified to tell other how to be successful.

At the bottom of her article I found her signature in which she stated that she was a full-time mom of six children. Six children! No wonder she couldn’t find a job.
Not only had she been out of the job market for a good number of years, her technical skills were probably far from up to date.

Other than that, would you hire a mom of six kids? I wouldn’t. What are the chances that she works an uninterrupted week? You know how it goes with kids … they have to be taken to school and picked up, so as an employer you can forget about her coming in early or staying late. When the kids get sick or have an accident, they have to be taken to the doctor and if it’s anything serious someone is needed at home to take care of them.

No thank you, where it comes to employment, give me a woman over the age of 45 any day.  Judging from the comments Laura got on her article, I wasn't the only one with misgivings.

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