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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Complaining helps

A lot of people, including those near and dear to me, claim that contacting the government over issues of concern is a waste of time.

They seem to think that, because so many complaints are received, government officials cannot possibly read them all, let alone respond to them.

Well I have news for them.
I complained about the lack of A/C in our building due to negligence of the building’s management and Board of Directors and in addition mentioned that the building’s elevators are far from safe.

And guess what, within three business days I received the following response:

Hi Conny

Thank you for contacting 311 Toronto.

I have placed a service request for both of your issues. For the air conditioner the reference # is 619142 and for the elevators the reference # is 619154. An investigator will be looking at these issues within the next 5 business days. If you need to follow up on these requests you can contact 311 Toronto (just dial 311) and quote the reference numbers above.

I hope this information helps.


Daniel E.
311 Toronto

See, some people DO care.

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