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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that

If anyone is considering a change of career ... weather person might be an idea. No knowledge or experience necessary. Just say what the people want to hear and you’ll be fine. Should there ever be a complaint, say that there was a wind change and nobody will hold it against you because, one cannot control the wind, right?

Take today for instance. For today we had a temperature prediction of 23 degrees C (73.40 deg F) with rain all day. I can’t tell you exactly how warm it was, but it was more than 23 degrees, I can tell you that. If I have to guess I would say it was 27 deg (80.60 deg). As for rain ... if you saw a drop of water, so did I.

We had blue skies and white clouds all day. I kept waiting for the gray clouds and hoping that some rain would come, but it wasn’t to be.
Now rain is predicted for tomorrow.

The way I see it, there is a good chance of that happening. Tomorrow I have an interview and with my luck I’m gonna get wet. You know how it goes with interviews ... when you have to look your best, you end up looking like something the cat dragged in.

Anyway, I spent the best of my afternoon doing tests for an employment agency. What a pain that was.

The first test was an office behavior test, 60 questions with answers such as:

Strongly agree
Neither here nor there
Strongly disagree

Next up a Windows 97 test. Oh my, that was an adjustment. At home I have been working with Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows XP. What do I remember of Windows 97 ...

Next a legal terminology test. Good Lord, the words I came across there ... I think a lawyer would frown from time to time.

Then an editing test. A series of letters and numbers to match up with another series of letters and numbers. After looking at that for fifteen minutes I didn’t just see letters and numbers ... I saw stars.

Finally a two minute typing test. Okay a typing test is tricky for me. Usually I’m a very fast and very accurate typist, but mention the word ‘Test’ and my brain short circuits and my fingers tie into a knot.
Gradually I relax of course, I can feel that as I go along. Unfortunately, in this case, by the time I started to relax, the typing test was done.

Oh well, let’s hope my results are acceptable.

Then tonight it was bowling. Every Tuesday night is league night, remember? Not much to report there. Didn’t do particularly good, didn’t do particularly bad, just played average.

It was nice to be outside though. Get some exercise, get some fresh air, talk to people ... I think I’ll sleep good tonight.

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