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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Day 95: 2 birds + 4 cats =

My Project: 365 Creative Writing Prompts

Day 95: 2 birds + 4 cats =

After a long and cold winter, it’s finally spring. Not that it feels like spring, it’s still rather cold (4 deg C) and a fierce wind blows around the building. From the sound of it, a small tornado is on the lose.

The birds are not bothered by the chilly, windy weather, they’re busy building nests for their young and just like last year, a couple of finches have selected our balcony. I don’t mind of course. I love that this cute couple has chosen part of our home, but do they have to make such a racquet while they’re building their nest?

From 6:00 a.m. onward all I hear is a constant twittering. Either the two finches sing as they work, or they give each other instructions how to build.
I can just imagine papa finch assuming the role of supervisor, telling mama finch “You’re doing it wrong. Don’t put that twig there, put it over there and make sure it’s nice and tight.” Or, mama finch is not happy with the work papa finch is doing and is complaining “That doesn’t look good. Here let me. Do I have to do everything myself to have it done right? Men!”

Meanwhile, Holly and Halley sit by the window quietly observing the finches, waiting for me to let them outside. Not that I even consider it because with this cold weather that would not be a good idea. The last time Holly went out in February, she got sick and it cost us a small fortune on vet visits. She stays in until the temperature hits double digits.

So, Holly and Halley sit there, talking to each other, no doubt making plans to catch the birds. I can just imagine them saying “I want that one and you can have the other one.”

When Charlotte and Gabriel walk past, they give the birds a mere cursorily glance. Both of them are laid back cats with a live and let live attitude. I can well imagine them thinking ‘Why go through all that trouble of catching a bird? All that stalking, running and jumping. There’s food in the kitchen.’

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