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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spinach anyone?

After surgery last week, it was up to Dieter to do the cleaning, the shopping, cooking, and dishes. Breakfast and lunch was no problem, as we usually stick to something easy, but since his culinary skills are limited we had to be creative for dinners.

I suggested hash browns with lettuce and tomato and steak; spaghetti; rosti with mixed veggies sausages; and fries with an omelet.

Everything went fine until last Monday when I suggested hash browns with baby spinach leaves and steak. I’d read that the iron in spinach is good for recuperation (providing the spinach is combined with tomatoes), so that’s what we would have.

Dieter went out to the store and came back with a big bag. Considering that he only needed a packet of baby spinach, two tomatoes and a tray of meat, I wondered what was in that bulky bag.

The mystery was soon solved when Dieter pulled out a box of baby spinach leaves that made my jaw drop. Just how much spinach had he bought? The box carried the label “11 ounces/311 grams”.

“Why such a big box?” I asked him.
“A bag of spinach was $2,99,” he explained. “This box was only $4,99. So for $2 more you get way more spinach.”

I couldn’t argue with his reasoning, but who was going to eat all this spinach? It’s just the two of us and we don’t have a rabbit.

Sprinkled with salt and pepper, and drizzled with olive oil (we had to forego lemon juice because of my low blood pressure), the baby spinach was delicious. And because we had so much of it, we had it the next day again.

As much as I enjoyed the meals, two days of baby spinach in a row is enough for me, tonight I would like something different. I was thinking peas or mushrooms, but I’m afraid to send Dieter to the store. Who know what he’s going to come home with.

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