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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Adult Coloring by Andrea Wolf

Let nobody say that they don’t have time for adult coloring. Meet Andrea Wolf. Andrea is 53 years old, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. She’s the proud owner of 3 cats (one of them called Mr. Pants), a granddog and an assortment of fish.

For over 20 years, Andrea was in the dental field, but one fine day she called it quits and switched to working in a gift shop.

In addition to photography, adult coloring is her passion and she specializes in Mandalas.  In Andrea’s own words …

Buddhist monks have been creating the Mandalas for years now and a few years back when I was studying Buddhism, I bought a book to color. No one I knew about these books and it wasn't anything that the main stream audience was aware of. It was a way to help Buddhist meditate and help with the meaning of "Letting Go." They would draw the Mandalas and color them and then burn them.

I am very grateful that Andrea didn’t burn her Mandalas as they are an explosion of color and beauty.

Adult coloring for sale at  

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