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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween music playlist tips

Your house may be decorated to give even those with nerves of steel the hibijibis; your costume may be as lifelike that even your family doesn’t recognize you; but if you’re playing happy, carefree music, the Halloween spirit you are trying to create will go right out the window.

What you need is a Halloween music playlist, tunes so creepy, so blood curling, they will scare the pants of anyone attending your party.  The following is a small selection to consider.

Thriller - Michael Jackson

From the first note, this song will indicate that you mean business.  Whether your guests are dancing or stand around talking, when Jackson starts his dialogue, hitting off with “Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour close at hand”, all of them are sure to feel their neck hairs rise.  Not to mention Vincent Price’s laughter concluding the song.  That will rattle a few bones.

The Monster Mash – Boris Picket and the Crypt Kickers

Whether your guests were born in the fifties or nineties, everybody loves The Monster Mash.  Although scary and as such suitable for Halloween, The Monster Mash is perfect to end all conversation signalling it’s time for your guests to start kicking up their heels. 

Black Magic Woman - Santana

Of course, wild dancing can only last so long.  Every now and then you’ll have to throw in a slow tune so your guests can catch their breath and smooch a little without leaving the dance floor.  Rely on Santana and Black Magic Woman to do just that. 

I Put a Spell On You – CCR
Keep the slow pace without losing any of the Halloween atmosphere.  Spells and potions are right up there with ghosts and witches.  Put a spell on your guests with the help of Creedence Clearwater Revival.


If you don’t like individual songs, how about some movie soundtrack music?  Think Psycho, think Poltergeist, any of the Freddie Kruger movies or even some Resident Evil tunes.  All of them are guaranteed to be bone chilling and if your guests have seen the movies, the music will bring back some memories.

Alternatively you can go for the soundtrack of the classics such as Dracula or Frankenstein movies.  The visuals were scary, but it was the music that had many on the edge of their seat and gave them nightmares.

Whatever you decide, mix up the fast with the slow; the old with the new; and give your party guests a Halloween to remember.

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