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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Friday is Cat Day - A Day in the Life of Miri Billie Joe

We have Debbie Manber Kupfer as a guest blogger today. Debbie loves cats and shares her story of Miri Billie Joe.


Is it morning yet? Oh yes, let’s go and have a look at my food bowls. Oh look, one of them is empty. That won’t do, where are those darn humans when you need them? They sleep way too much. What do you mean I sleep a lot too? Of course I do, I’m a cat, I have to get my 16 hours a day or I’ll get grumpy.

 You’ve seen that Grumpy Cat, right? That’s because his humans don’t leave him alone and let him sleep. He hasn’t trained them right. I know how to train mine. I could give him some tips.

They’re not bad humans really. The big one gives me treats and the younger ones play with me sometimes. And then there’s the one who sits at her computer typing – I bet she’s writing stories about me! I hope she makes me a super here. I can see it now Super-Miri, flying through the sky, vanquishing the evil Doctor Fido (and then coming home for a nap.)

Ah here comes a human now (all that meowing paid off). Food bowl first – and then maybe an extra treat or two and then I’ll go back to sleep. See I have them perfectly trained.

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